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Maury Rubin opened The City Bakery in 1990, after a six-day pastry course in 1986 led to an obsession with pastry and a baking apprenticeship in Paris. He returned to New York and spent three years developing an updated model of the classic American neighborhood bakery. City Bakery then opened in Union Square, and Maury has been the baker, hot chocolate maker, and hands-on CEO ever since. His first signature work was published in Book of Tarts, Form, Function & Flavor at The City Bakery in 1995. Maury is the creator of The City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival, Drink City - a 1998 specialty beverage business at Grand Central Terminal, Maury's All-Natural Cookie Dough in 1999, and Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery in 2005. He is the Creative Director of City Bakery Brands, personally designing logos, signage, trade fixtures, uniforms, websites and packaged products. Prior to baking, Maury was a two-time Emmy Award winning producer and director at ABC Sports Television in New York City.