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City Bakery is one of the most popular food destinations in New York City. Part bakery, part cafe, coffee bar and cafeteria, in a two-level space at Union Square, one of the great neighborhoods of the city. The bakery creates seasonal menus from locally-grown and organic raw materials from the Union Square farmer's market two blocks away. City Bakery serves world class breakfast pastry, a salad bar buffet like no other for lunch, soups, sandwiches and specialty pizzas. City Bakery is home of New York's favorite hot chocolate as well as the one and only "Pretzel Croissant," a pastry that's sweet and salty and holds hypnotic powers over legions of pastry lovers. The customers at City Bakery are a snapshot of New York itself: local residents from Greenwich Village and Chelsea, office workers, tourists from Europe, South America and Japan. City Bakery is open seven days for breakfast, lunch and afternoon pastries and desserts. Monday-Friday 7:30am-7pm. Saturday 8am-7pm. Sunday 9am-6pm. 3 West 18th Street footsteps from 5th Avenue.