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Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery is the little sister of City Bakery and one of the most eco-friendly food businesses on earth. Our menus are seasonal with foods made primarily from organic ingredients, regionally grown. The bakeries are built from recycled, found, vintage, and sustainable materials. Birdbath is wind-powered, and the food is delivered from our main kitchen in bicycle-powered rickshaws. We give discounts to any customer who arrives by bike [or skateboard!] and we are a regular field trip stop for local schools who bring students to see what a bakery with walls made of wheat looks like! Birdbath is located in lower Manhattan and the Upper West Side. We offer breakfast and lunch to go, with desserts and specialty drinks, seven days a week.

160 Prince Street

Birdbath Nolita
45 Spring Street

Birdbath Tribeca
200 Church Street 
Monday - Friday

Birdbath Grand Central
140 East 45th Street
Monday - Friday

Birdbath Upper West Side
274 Columbus Avenue

Upper West Side
2244 Broadway at 80th 

Upper West Side

518 Columbus Avenue